High Net Worth Mortgages

A high net worth mortgage is a type of mortgage for individuals who have an annual net income of £300,000 or assets worth £3 million or more. People who meet this criteria aren’t always bound by the same lending regulations as other customers as mortgage lenders who specialise in high net worth agreements are often willing to offer much high loan amounts, income multiples and bespoke terms and conditions.

Often required for high-value properties or investments to build a property portfolio, high net worth mortgages can be larger and often more complex than standard residential home loans.

Many customers who qualify for these mortgages wish to protect their assets and so lending through offshore structures, special purpose vehicles, trusts, and foundations may be required. For some mortgage lenders, this can complicate things which is why many stick to mainstream mortgages that can be quicker to process.

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How to Get a High Net Worth Mortgage


You will need to provide all of the usual mortgage paperwork for a high net worth mortgage agreement, including proof of ID, address and income.

Be sure to have the paperwork for any assets you intend to declare, either as income or security for the loan.

Bespoke deals

Finding the right mortgage broker is key to landing a bespoke deal for a high net worth mortgage. Many of the lenders who offer these agreements only work through brokers, plus the right broker can also help you save time and money by negotiating a bespoke deal on your behalf.

Broker benefits

There are other steps in the mortgage process, but the beauty of using a broker is that they will handle them for you. You won’t have to lift a finger while they guide you through your application and make sure everything goes smoothly through to completion.

Relax and let your broker do the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions


We’ve collated a listed of common questions and answers asked by Large Mortgage seekers, for your convenience.

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